Training Workers for excellence in what your supported staff do is what NTI can do with ADEs.  RESULT: So that jobs for people with disability result in the best outcome for the individual and the business.

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) play an important and valuable role in providing employment opportunities to people with disability across Australia.   The Australian Government has committed to supporting high quality, durable employment outcomes for people with disability and a vibrant and sustainable supported employment sector. Plus State & Territory governments support training of people with a disability though eligible funding for training.  NTI is focused on working with ADEs from the get-go resulting in the finest achievement for the learner in both work-life & community-life.

NTI trainers have extensive experience with an excellent successful track-record training people with a disability.  This has enabled these learners to move their reality from the “old approach” pigeon-holed problem into the “new paradigm” of a respected & empowered valuable individual. Thus via our values (NTI’s ACIER approach) they achieve their rightful esteem & full potential.  Recent notable training from February 2015 was via Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA) award-winning training under the old National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF) & old Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program in MSA20107 – Certificate II in Process Manufacturing (Release 4) (reasonably adjusted for cognitively impaired adult learners).  And in 2017-2018, the new release training program was highly commended program by the respective ADEs, which was a NSW Smart & Skilled funded MSM30116 – Certificate III in Process Manufacturing (Release 2) — again customised for cognitively impaired adult learners.

NTI offer a range of supports to meet ADE & individual needs, including:

  • help to prepare for work including training in specific job skills
  • support when initially placed into a job, including on-the-job training and co-worker and employer support
  • ongoing support in a job if required
  • purchase of vocational training and other employment-related assistance
  • Short course or full qualification in Food Processing – Cert II: FBP20117, Cert III FBP30117
  • Short course or full qualification in Process Manufacturing – Cert II: MSM20116, Cert III MSM30116
  • Short course or full qualification in Retail / Retail Services – Cert II: SIR20216, Cert III SIR30216