Since 1 January 2015, it has been a requirement of the Federal Government that all students undertaking nationally recognised training must obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI). 

USIs are free for all students 

So, all students need a USI when enrolling or re-enrolling in nationally recognised training.  This includes if the student is enrolling for the first time, for example: if they are studying at TAFE or with a private training organisation, completing an apprenticeship or skill set, certificate or diploma course.  This also applies to students continuing or completing (re-enrolling) training, including nationally recognised training undertaken in secondary school.

This USI initiative:

    • Seamlessly links information about a student’s VET achievements, regardless of where they studied

    •  Enables students to easily access secure digital transcripts of their achievements

    • Givse students access to, and more control over, their educational information

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